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Expanding Room for Your Nifty New Smile in Kelowna

Mar 09 / 2017

If you or your child has a narrow upper jaw, Orthodontic issues can arise. Align Ortho in downtown Kelowna will assess your child's mouth and provide the best orthodontic treatment options.

If you or your child has a narrow upper jaw, Orthodontic issues can arise.  Often, larger adult teeth have no room to grow into place straight and secure.  Dental crowding can result and cause a host of problems for your jaws and your bite.   Align Ortho in Kelowna can assess your child’s mouth to see if they would benefit from wearing a tiny appliance known as a palatal expander.  This appliance takes advantage of unfused bones in the palate and can be used to widen the upper jaw during your child’s natural growth process. 

How Does a Palatal Expander Work?

A palatal expander is custom made for your child’s mouth by taking some dental impressions. After returning from the lab, the expander is attached to molars with special dental cement to hold it into place. This device is turned on a weekly basis to gradually widen the maxilla or upper jaw. For best results, palatal expanders are used in young children to take advantage of their peak growth phase. 

Dr. Scramstad and the caring team at Align Ortho can perform a comprehensive oral exam to determine if and when the best time will be to initiate early treatment.  Family history and X-rays are taken into consideration to determine the best way to proceed in order to deliver that straight, happy smile. The goal of expansion is to create more space to help the upper and bottom teeth fit together successfully. Creating more room prior to all adult teeth erupting can help the permanent teeth have more space to grow into.  Not all expansion patients require further orthodontics; however, those who do typically wear their braces for a much shorter timeframe since the extra space has already been created. 


Benefits of Early Treatment

At Align Ortho, ensuring your adult teeth are healthy and accounted for is a top priority.  We prefer to make room for your teeth to come in rather than have to extract permanent teeth, if possible. While patients commonly wear braces for up to two years, individuals who have undergone expansion therapy first typically find their orthodontic treatment significantly reduced. Adult teeth can glide right into their permanent positions easily when there is room to manoeuvre.


Healthy, Happy, Straight Teeth in Kelowna

Orthodontic treatment addresses much more than the aesthetics behind a nice smile.   Crooked teeth offer hiding places for plaque bacteria and biofilm to build up, and provide the perfect place for sugar bugs to hide.  Straight teeth are much easier to keep clean and maintain. Align Ortho can help you perfect your smile regardless of your age. 

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