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10 celebrities with braces in famous TV shows and movies

Jun 09 / 2017

We know that having braces probably isn’t your favourite thing in the world, but the thing is, so many people have to get them!

We thought it’d be nice to remind you that even movie stars in Hollywood get braces.

We’ve compiled a number of pop-culture moments that include a picture of a celebrity or character sporting orthodontic braces. Some may be from the 80s, resulting in a more traditional, old-school look, but when you come to the end of this blog post, we hope you feel refreshed that braces are just part of growing up. We will even mention a newer option that straightens your teeth without having to have metal braces. This means you won’t have to feel self-conscious smiling while fixing your teeth. Excited for that option? We are too. Read on reading to learn more.

1. Brace Face


Now if you didn’t grow up in the 2000s, you may not be familiar with this television show. Brace Face was a show about an 8th grader with teenage problems on her mind and magical braces on her teeth. The show has a theme song that sticks in your head and if you watch an episode online, we promise you’ll be singing it all day long. 

2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)


In 2011 Katy Perry released the song Last Friday Night that starred Kathy Beth Terry. Kathy Beth is a fictional character played by Katy Perry who wore orthodontic headgear, thick rimmed glasses and an outfit that’s unmistakable. The uber-geek became a household name after the video, which has more than 940,000,000 views, was released. 

3. Never Been Kissed


Another classic braces moment was in Never Been Kissed. Josie Geller, who was played by Drew Barrymore, looked oddly like Kathy Terry. Geller was very ‘80s with her metallic clothing and metal braces. Her braces were an accessory you can’t forget. 

4. Cindy Crawford in the Pepsi commercial


Even supermodels wear braces! Cindy Crawford starred in a commercial for Pepsi where she had braces on her teeth. Crawford posted this picture as a #ThrowBackThursday on her Twitter. 

5. Ugly Betty (America Ferrera)


Ugly Betty was an American comedy that revolves around the character Betty Suarez. Even with her questionable style, she lands a job at a prestigious fashion magazine. Betty is known for her adult braces. Sadly the show was cancelled but still has a strong following. 

6. Ben Stiller in There’s Something About Mary


Ben Stiller played Ted Stroehmann in the romantic comedy There’s Something About Mary. It’s a classic love story where boy falls in love with girl, boy does something extremely embarrassing (the zipper incident), loses the girl and years later is still in love with her. In the movie Mary compliments Ted’s braces saying “You know how I like braces.” We agree Mary. We like braces too! 

7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


In this heartwarming film, we see a flashback of young Willy Wonka in a massive headgear contraception which featured braces. If you have braces now, just be thankful orthodontic treatment has changed and we don’t still offer these contraptions. Willy Wonka started out with headgear and ended up with a chocolate factory. Maybe braces are good luck after all. 

8.The Goonies


Mikey from the Goonies rocked braces in the cult-classic movie. Not only did Mikey have braces, but he was also the leader of the gang. A mouth full of braces and the leader of a group. It can happen kids. 

9. Lisa Simpson with Braces


We couldn’t forget the episode where Lisa Simpson has to get braces. The episode started with Lisa having to wear an old-fashioned piece of headgear (like Willy Wonka) since the family’s dental plan is taken away. In the end, Homer gets the dental plan back and Lisa is given a set of clear braces that are almost invisible on her own teeth. 

10. Tom Cruise


Last but not least, we wanted to feature a handful of other celebrities that have worn braces in the limelight. Tom Cruise decided to straighten his hollywood smile as an adult! He used clear metal braces and was seen smiling confidently as the paparazzi snapped his picture.

Other celebrities include Gwen Stefani, Kendall Jenner, Jaden Smith, Emma Watson, Prince Harry, Dakota Fanning and Faith Hill.

Kendall_Jenner_Braces.jpg Emma_Watson_Braces.jpg 

While it may feel like it at first, braces are not a social death sentence. Braces help straighten your teeth and once they’re off, you will feel like a Hollywood star. The good thing is now there’s an option called Invisalign.


Invisalign uses custom-made aligners that fit snugly over your teeth and are worn every day for 20-22 hours a day. These aligners use controlled force to move your teeth into the perfect Hollywood smile. To learn more about this modern teeth straightening option, read our recent blog post “How Does Invisalign Teen Work? 11 Things To Know.”

If you’re interested in your options for teeth straightening, call Align Ortho today. We provide a free consultation to review your teeth and provide you with your options and pricing plans.

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