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Getting braces or Invisalign as an adult can boost self-esteem

Jul 21 / 2017

No matter your age, having a straight smile will improve your self-esteem.

The notion that Orthodontic treatment is just for children has changed over the years. Many more adults are opting to undergo smile straightening treatments every day.

With a brighter, straighter smile, you can feel happier and have higher self-esteem because you won’t feel like you have to hide your teeth anymore.

Let’s delve into the relationship between confidence and braces.

Why is your confidence low?

Whether it’s crooked teeth, spacing, or an underbite or overbite, orthodontic problems can make you experience a drop in self-esteem.

With lowered self-confidence due to your teeth, you’re more likely to not smile in pictures, laugh at jokes and instead you’ll hide your smile behind your hands.

While this is currently how you’re feeling, with the help of Align Ortho in Kelowna and Dr. Scramstad, your confidence can receive a boost.


Studies Have Shown…

A study conducted by Psychology Today found that crooked teeth can have a negative impact on romantic and career success. People with crooked with have been unfairly judged solely because of physical appearance.

Dr. Scramstad recommends that if you’re not happy with your teeth, or if they’re causing you any physical discomfort, consider Orthodontic treatment.

While braces will change your crooked teeth, which can mean better luck with romantic and career success, there’s more to the treatment. According to the Canadian Association of Orthodontics, braces don’t just change your teeth, they change your confidence too.

If you’re ready to boost your confidence and fix your crooked teeth, download Align’s FREE comparison of Orthodontic Treatments infographic to see what type of treatment would be best for your situation.

[Download Our FREE Comparison of Orthodontic Treatments]

Creating confidence with braces


Building confidence is a journey, but with the help of braces, you will begin to see immediate results. Not only will you see results of your teeth straightening, but your higher level of confidence will be noticeable too.

While you might not be confident at first when you have your braces put on, here are a few ways to create confidence during your treatment:

  • Make sure your treatment is the best treatment for you. Dr. Scramstad at Align Ortho has several different orthodontic options for adults looking to fix their smiles. Some people are even candidates for more under-the-radar orthodontic treatment such as clear braces or Invisalign.

  • Keep your teeth clean. No matter what the treatment is that you’re doing, it’s important to brush your teeth. Keeping your teeth clean will make smiling so much easier for you. Trust us on this one.

  • Pay attention to the foods you’re eating. Nothing is worse than breaking a bracket or wire and nothing is more embarrassing than someone telling you that there’s food stuck in your braces. We’ve all been there. Read Align’s blog post about what foods to avoid to stay clear of these moments.

  • Remember, most people go through this. Braces are such a common thing for people nowadays and it’s not as strange to see adults fixing their teeth either. Take a breath because more often than not, you’re worrying about your appearance and the fact that you have braces probably hasn’t even crossed anyone's mind.

  • Fake it until you make it. If you’re feeling self-conscious while wearing your braces, smile confidently even if you’re pretending. One day you will start to feel fearless with your straight teeth.

The benefits of a beautifully straight smile

Once your treatment is complete, you will have the smile you always dreamed about. You experience improved oral health and your personal confidence will sky-rocket.

Say goodbye to closed-mouth smiles and laughing with your hand over your mouth. A great smile will change how others see you and most importantly, how you see yourself. 

A recent survey by the American Association of Orthodontists shows:

75 percent of participants reported they noticed improvements in career and personal relationships, which they said was a result of their post-Ortho smile. 71 percent of people who said they had concerns about their confidence and the look of braces said the concerns and feelings of low self-confidence stopped once treatment started.

The change in confidence before and after treatment is something Orthodontic providers see every day. Dr. Scramstad says the confidence he sees in his patients before and after a treatment is extremely noticeable and something he looks forward to.

If you’re ready to see if an Orthodontic treatment is right for you, contact Align Ortho in Kelowna today for a free consultation.




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