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Here’s What Digital Ortho Technology Align Uses

Jul 28 / 2017

Align Ortho knows that the world has made the switch over to digital.

In saying that, Dr. James Scramstad has spent many years creating a digital office with the newest and highest quality digital orthodontic equipment to help serve his clients.

Within only a couple of years, Dr. Scramstad has made the move to digital ortho technologies at his downtown Kelowna office.

When you walk inside the Ellis Street location, you will see different Orthodontic appliances that may look intimidating because of the size and scope of them, but they actually make the orthodontic treatment process a lot smoother.

In this blog post, we break down the different pieces of equipment that will be used when you go through treatment with Dr. Scramstad.

iTero Element


The iTero Element is engineered to give orthodontic providers the latest technology right at their fingertips.

Dr. Scramstad received his first iTero Element with the hopes that he would be able to create 3D impression of patient’s teeth.

This piece of equipment works with a wand that captures 6,000 frames a second. The wand scans a patient’s teeth and can create a 3D image of both their upper and lower jaw. These images and data are then saved right to the system’s hard disk.


There is a room full of teeth impression at Align Ortho and that takes up a lot of time for employees. Instead of continuing to fill the room, Dr. Scramstad says the iTero Element will allow him to create a 3D printing of the teeth if needed. If not needed, the 3D images stay saved on the system’s hard disk.

It’s been five years since the iTero Element arrived at Align Ortho and Dr. Scramstad uses it with all of his patients.


With saying hello to the iTero Element, Align patients have said goodbye to sitting in a chair with putty being put in their mouth to form an impression of their teeth. No more gagging on ill-tasting putty and no more feeling uncomfortable with your mouth open while Dr. Scramstad creates your impression.

The iTero Element allows Dr. Scramstad submit the 3D images to Invisalign 20 minutes after the scan. This means patients don’t have to wait as long to receive their Invisalign and the impressions are extremely accurate because of the 3D renderings the device creates.

Digital X-Ray


We’ve all been there. X-Rays of your teeth, whether it’s at an Orthodontic provider’s office or your family dentist office. You’re used to putting on the heavy x-ray vest and placing your chin on the appliance before the x-rays begin.

Align Ortho has been using their digital x-ray machine for the past 10 years.

This x-ray machine does 360 photographs of the jaw as well as portrait mode for your teeth.

Each patient gets x-rays before treatment because the images help Dr. Scramstad determine what type of treatment the patient needs.

Our Very Own Lab


At Align Ortho we do all our own lab work. We do this because it allows us to have control at our lab without having to outsource work to another lab. We like the hands on work!

Our staff members are trained to do their own lab work, which includes making custom made retainers for our clients.

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One piece of equipment that we use in our lab is the Ray Foster Model Trimmer. This equipment has been used for more than 60 years. The simple yet functional design has evolved throughout the years making today’s product the best yet.


Our lab allows us to have control of every part of the orthodontic treatment. This makes our patients feel comfortable knowing our employees know all there is to know about their specific treatment plan. It also means that every part of your treatment is done by a local professional, so if you have any questions, the person responsible will be able to help you.


Adopting the Digital Era

Dr. Scramstad believes that by adopting the digital way of business, he’s bettering the lives of his clients.

“Digital technology allows Align Ortho to save on turn around time, it creates very accurate results and is a way better process in general.”

Now when you head into Align Ortho’s office for your free consultation, you won’t be overwhelmed by the orthodontic technology they use. Instead, you’ll know that Align Ortho was an early adopter of digital technologies in Orthodontic treatment and these appliances will only benefit your treatment.

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