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Will My Dental Coverage Cover the Cost of Braces?

Sep 08 / 2017

When it comes to Orthodontic treatment, there’s one concern every patient has and that’s the price tag.

Braces and Invisalign aren't a small expense and it can vary greatly depending on the person needing treatment and the best option for their smile.

But, one thing we do at Align Ortho is making sure we work with clients on an individual basis to come up with an affordable payment plan, as well as review insurance options with the client.

We know that affordability is huge and we’re hoping to create the ability for everyone to experience Orthodontic treatment if they want it.

In this blog post, we’re discussing insurance, billing, costs and discounts that we offer at our downtown Kelowna office.



Insurance is one of the biggest things we speak to our clients about. It’s important to know when you head into the Align Ortho office if you are covered by your benefits. It’s also an added bonus to know how much is covered by your plan.

Coverage is unique to each employee and plans can also be customized for the employee.

Every plan is different, some insurance companies will cover 50% of the cost of Orthodontics, but as Donna, our receptionist and insurance extraordinaire, mentions, certain companies will cover 50% up to a certain dollar amount for example: to a max of $2,000. It’s very important to speak to your insurance provider and have the exact dollar amounts known before getting treatment.

During the consultation, Donna says that Align Ortho will send a pre-authorization to the insurance, but the other information will go to the patient. 

Donna will show patients how to get reimbursed by their insurance companies and answer any questions a patient has about insurance.

Payment Plans


Align Ortho wants to make it possible for you to get the perfect smile that you’ve been dreaming of. This includes being able to afford the treatment.

During the consultation, Donna will break down the down payment and different payment plan options.

Donna will ask the patient’s situation and talk about options. Normally, payment options start out at $250 a month with a down payment of anywhere between $1,000-$2,000. These numbers are based on an individual basis and will be different for each person.

Someone with a more extensive and expensive treatment will have a higher down payment with a higher monthly payment. To know exactly what to expect and how much your treatment will be, a consultation with Dr. Scramstad will give you those answers.

Just like how every smile is different, every payment plan will be different too.



Everyone loves a break, so we give our patients an opportunity to receive a discount two different ways.

The first way to get a discount is to pay for your treatment in full. If you pay for your Orthodontic Treatment in full, out of your pocket, you will receive an 8% discount on your bill.

Most insurance companies will not pay for a treatment in full because of the risk the employee will leave the job right after treatment. So, this discount is primarily an option for people paying for their treatment out of their own pocket, on a credit card or through a line of credit.

The second option for a discount is if multiple people in your immediate family are coming in for treatment.

Donna says that Align Ortho offers a discount to the second member of the family. This discount doesn’t have a certain number percentage because it’s based on the family member and the cost of their treatment.

Ask Donna about the family discount when your family comes in for a consultation.

Orthodontic Treatment Is Priceless

When treatment is all said and done, your new smile will be shining bright. Having the opportunity for discounts and providing information on payment plans and insurance is how Align Ortho helps make braces possible for every individual and family.

For more information on what your treatment would cost and what your options are for discounts and financing, book a consultation with Dr. Scramstad today. For even more information, download our exclusive comparison of different treatment options with information from Dr. Scramstad himself.




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