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Elastic Bands for Braces - What Do They Do?

Jan 19 / 2018

When most people think of braces, they tend to picture elastic bands attached to the top and bottom braces.

While it’s one of the most common things you notice with braces, do you know why wearing elastics with braces is important?

If you’ve answered no, don’t worry! In this blog post, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about elastic bands for braces.

What are elastic bands for braces used for?


So, the main question that is probably on your mind is “what exactly are elastic bands for braces?” We’ve all seen them or heard of them, but now is the time to really understand their use.

The tiny rubber bands for braces are generally used to help improve how teeth fit together. They’re used to help close spaces and to make sure the spaces are closing in the right direction. They also help improve different bite problems.

In addition to those elastics, there are smaller elastics that are used for braces. These tiny rubber bands for braces are used to hold the wire into the brackets. These are the elastics that are talked about when we ask the patient if they want to pick different coloured elastics.

How do you wear elastics for braces?


These small rubber bands are attached to the braces. The person who has the braces is able to attach them to little hooks that are part of the braces design. Since the elastic bands are placed on by the client, Dr. James Scramstad will go over the instructions and process to achieve successful application.

It might take a little bit to get comfortable attaching them, but with practice and a little bit of patience, the process will soon become easier.

In addition to how to wear your elastics, it’s important to know that there are different sizes of rubber bands for braces. The size differences are necessary since there are different force levels needs for the various tooth positions elastics can help improve. Dr. Scramstad will be sure to explain the different sizes to you and what’s recommended for your braces experience if rubber bands are needed.

Can you eat with elastics attached?


This answer depends on when Dr. Scramstad recommends you wear the elastics. Your rubber bands should be worn approximately 20 hours each day if you’re in need of elastic bands for braces. This means you have to wear them during the day and while you sleep.

But, they are easily removable when you need to eat and brush your teeth.

Latex allergy - elastic band alternatives

If you are allergic to latex, it’s important to let Align Ortho know that as soon as possible. Since rubber bands are normally made from latex, we need to know your allergies in order to find you an alternative.

There are elastic bands for braces made from vinyl, which allows effective movement without a negative reaction.

Brace Yourself: Book Your Consultation Today

Now that you understand what the elastic bands do for your braces, it’s time to book in with Dr. James Scramstad of Align Ortho. Contact us today for your complimentary consultation. Or, if you have any more questions about elastics, we’d be happy to answer them for you.

You can also download our exclusive comparison sheet of Orthodontic treatments. We discuss metal braces, Invisalign and clear braces. We break down the pros and cons of each and have comments from Dr. Scramstad about each treatment option.


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