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How to remove braces? Align Ortho’s Process

Jan 12 / 2018

Imagine this, you flip your calendar to the next week and you notice the appointment for getting your braces off. Hooray!

It’s been quite awhile since getting your braces on, so they’ve kind of become part of who you are.

You stopped thinking about getting your braces off but the time is now here. It’s time to say goodbye to your Orthodontic treatment and hello to the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about.

But, how do they remove braces?

In this blog post, we’ll talk about the removal process for metal and clear braces and have comments from Dr. James Scramstad about how he makes it comfortable for patients.

Braces Removal Process


As you know, the bond between the tooth and a bracket is strong enough to allow for control of tooth movement and then for allowing easy removal when your treatment is complete. The process of removing braces and the adhesive is seemingly painless and it’s not something you should be worried about.

It is possible for some of the teeth, especially the lower front teeth, to be sensitive to pressure. When Dr. James Scramstad is squeezing the bracket, there may be temporary discomfort.

But, since Dr. Scramstad has been doing this since 1996, he has worked on making sure his patients don’t experience pain.

How to Remove Braces


It will take less than a minute to actually get the braces removed - Dr. James Scramstad will use special pliers to remove the brackets.  He will then remove the adhesive using a slow or high-speed dental handpiece.  This is the same tool that is used by general dentists when they repair a cavity, but unlike getting a cavity filled, there’s very little to no discomfort with the braces removal process. There’s no tooth structure being removed, just the glue attached to the tooth.

Finally, Dr. Scramstad will take a impression or digital scan of you new smile so your new retainers can be fabricated.

Your retainer will become your new best friend once your braces are removed. A retainer’s primary job is to help stabilize your teeth after the braces removal process. We wrote a whole blog post about retainers. You can read that by clicking here.

After Getting Your Braces Off

After getting your braces off, it may seem like your teeth are foreign to you. Your tongue hasn’t touched your teeth in awhile, so if you think your teeth feel really “big” -  that’s very normal. It’s something everyone has to get used to again.

Other things you might notice during the braces removal process are slightly irritated gums. This will subside within a few days with good brushing and flossing.

How Should I Care For My Teeth After?


Now that you know how to remove braces, you’re probably wondering how you should care for your teeth afterward?

We recommend that you don’t immediately rush out and binge on all of the crunchy and chewy food that you haven’t eaten in awhile. It might be tempting, but ease into it and take your time, your teeth may still be feeling sensitive.

Brush your teeth as normal, floss regularly and use the Waterpik given to you by Dr. Scramstad.

You will also want to schedule a dental cleaning with your dentist.

What’s Next?

Once the braces removal process is finished and you’ve been fitted for your new retainer, your treatment isn’t 100% over. You can’t get rid of Dr. Scramstad just yet!

You will probably have at least one more appointment with Align Ortho after getting your braces off. This is to make sure your retainer fits properly and to see if it’s keeping your teeth in line. If you have any questions about retainers or life after braces, Dr. Scramstad will be able to answer those during this appointment.

Your Beautiful Smile is Ready For You

Everyone will soon be noticing your bright, braces-free smile! They may even ask the question “how do they remove braces?” to you. Since you read this blog post, you’ll be able to educate them on the braces removal process and let them know it’s painless and nothing to worry about.

If you have any questions, contact Align Ortho today. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions regarding braces, Invisalign, other Orthodontic treatment, or the braces removal process.


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