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Get to Know Dr. James Scramstad of Align Ortho Kelowna

Mar 09 / 2018

You don’t just want any Orthodontic provider putting their hands in your mouth when working to perfect your smile.

You want to feel confident that you picked the right person and maybe it will be a little easier for you to let someone invade your personal bubble if you know them a bit beforehand.

So, for that reason, this blog post is all about getting to know Dr. James Scramstad of Kelowna better.

Who is Dr. Scramstad?


Dr. James Scramstad is a dentist and runs Align Ortho in Kelowna. Dr. Scramstad took over the practice from his father who founded Align Ortho in 1981.

"I'm here to give my patients the best experience of their lives, in a warm, inviting environment."

After watching his father Don Scramstad make people's smiles their favourite thing, Dr. Scramstad  knew that he wanted to continue the family tradition. After graduating from Okanagan Mission Secondary, Dr. James Scramstad went to the University of Alberta. There, he got his Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Surgery degrees.

Why Align Ortho Kelowna?


While Dr. Scramstad has worked all across British Columbia, he always returned to Kelowna. Dr. Scramstad  started working full time at Align Ortho in 1996 and has since taken over the practice from his father.

Dr. Scramstad is a family man. He values the time spent at home with his wife Natasha and their kids Koa and Maléa.

When he’s not at home playing with his children, spending quality time with his wife, or at work making people have their dream smiles, you can find Dr. Scramstad of Kelowna exploring the Okanagan Valley.

Dr. Scramstad  is an avid mountain biker and also enjoys skiing, snowboarding, hiking, surfing and boating. When you arrive at Align Ortho Kelowna, you will be able to tell that from the decor of the office. Dr. Scramstad  has a handful of surfboards and snowboards on view at Align Ortho. You probably will be able to spot a bike or two as well. Dr. James Scramstad tries to bike to work as much as possible.

If you have some time, ask him about his hobbies. He’ll be able to tell you why he loves them so much and will probably have a recommendation for where to do each one too.

Dr. Scramstad’s Favourite Part of the Job


Dr. James loves to use new technology to make his patient’s experience better.  At Align Ortho, we use digital X-rays, and a digital scanning machine that basically takes a 3D video of your teeth rather than using impression trays and putty.  Everybody finds these methods a lot more comfortable.

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At Align Ortho Kelowna, we provide all interested clients with a free consultation. During the consultation, we will review Orthodontic options, the estimated length of care and we’ll provide a written financial quote and payment plan.

You deserve a great smile and we hope that we’re the ones to make that happen. We strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of Orthodontic care, the most modern techniques and technologies, and provide care in a comfortable and professional environment.

Contact us today for your complimentary consultation. Or, if you have any more questions about Align Orthodontics Kelowna, we’d be happy to answer them for you.

You can also download our exclusive comparison sheet of Orthodontic treatments. We discuss metal braces, Invisalign and clear braces. We break down the pros and cons of each and have comments from Dr. Scramstad about each treatment option.



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