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Is a Water Flosser Better Than Regular Flossing? A Comparison

May 18 / 2018

We’d like to think that most people know how to brush and floss their teeth.

They’ve been doing it since they were a kid and we often remind patients how important proper oral hygiene is. However, one popular question we get asked is if a water flosser is better than string floss.

In this blog post, we will compare the two types of flossing and let you know what Dr. James Scramstad recommends for his Orthodontic patients.

So, what is the easiest way to floss with braces? Is a water flosser better than regular flossing?

Let us tell you!

‘String’ Floss

After your brush your teeth, dentists always recommend flossing. It’s a great way to get rid of food that is stuck in between the teeth and below the gum line. The tricky little spots that a toothbrush isn’t able to get to.


It’s the traditional way of flossing, it’s easy to do and it’s effective at removing food off of the teeth. The scraping movement is able to get under the plaque and really remove that bad stuff.

It is also fairly cheap and is easily accessible from any store that sells toothbrushes. Flossing is easy and can be done anywhere!


While there are many advantages, flossing has a couple of cons too. It can be hard to reach some areas of the mouth with floss and if not done regularly, when you floss your gums may bleed. Additionally, if you have braces, flossing will get some taking used to.

Even with these cons, it’s important to still floss. If you do it every day, your gums will not bleed and you’ll start getting used to getting in those hard to reach places.



Is a Waterpik better than flossing?

At Align Ortho, we provide our patients with a Waterpik to help ease them into the world of flossing. We know that people seem to do not like flossing (and don’t do it often) and we want to help.

The Waterpik is an easy and effective way to clean between the teeth. It’s easy to use and does all the work for you with the use of high-powered water, and it’s the easiest way to clean with braces. It’s effective with braces because it removes plaque and debris where traditional brushing and flossing can’t reach fully. Sometimes the Waterpik can be messy with water spraying everywhere - try it in the shower, but keep the Waterpik in a dry place when not in use.

To learn how to use the Waterpik, read our article “Why The Waterpik Flosser is the Best Way to Floss with Braces.”


The Waterpik is easy to use, especially for people with braces.

The massaging action with the water can also improve gum health and can help reach those tricky places in the back of your mouth that it’s hard to reach with string. It also takes less than one minute and no bleeding will happen.


Some cons with the Waterpik include having to buy one, but that’s not a con for Align Ortho clients, as we provide each patient with their very own Waterpik. The only con we can think of is that you’ll need some space to store the device in your bathroom.

So, is a water flosser better than regular flossing?


We wouldn’t go the distance and say that a Waterpik is better than regular flossing, but it should be used in conjunction with your string flossing habits.  

Additionally to that, the Waterpik is 51% more effective than normal floss for reducing gingivitis, 2X more effective at reducing bleeding and 29% more effective than string floss at removing plaque.

At the end of the day, we believe that the Waterpik should be used by all patients, people who have braces and those who have had their braces removed. As we mentioned above, this Waterpik should be used additionally with dental floss.

If you have any more questions about the easiest way to floss with braces or if you want to talk more about why the water flossing has some great pros compared to string flossing, call us today. We can provide you with more tips and recommendations to provide you with the easiest way to floss with braces.



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