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How Long Do Braces Take To Put On?

Jul 30 / 2018

If you’re considering having your smile aligned, you’re probably wondering the process of getting braces put on.

It may seem a bit daunting for you to have braces, but if you fully understand the braces procedure, it will make the process run a lot better.

In this article, we will talk about the process of getting braces and how long it takes for the first appointment.

1. Referral

The first step in the braces process is getting a referral by a dentist. This isn’t a mandatory step, but one that usually happens because more people visit the dentist on a regular basis compared to an Orthodontic provider.

However, if a dentist hasn’t recommended you to see an Orthodontic provider, you can always set up your appointment on your own with Align Ortho. Simply call our office or request a free consultation online.

Bring any information and x-rays you have from your dentist along with your personal concerns.

2. Consultation 

The next step in the process of getting braces is having a consultation. At Align Ortho, you will have a complimentary consultation with Dr. James Scramstad. During this appointment, he will look at your teeth and determine what needs to be done in order to straighten your smile, or if you would even benefit from getting braces put on.

After Dr. Scramstad reviews your teeth, he will talk to you about a plan of action. This will include your estimated length of care and a written financial quote and payment plan.

3.  Treatment

After your consultation, it’s time for your personalized treatment plan. Each mouth is different, which means that each treatment plan is unique to the individual. We offer three different types of braces.

There are metal braces, clear dental braces and Invisalign. Once we determine the correct treatment, we will take a digital scan of your teeth with the iTero Element.

The iTero Element is engineered to give orthodontic providers the latest technology right at their fingertips. Dr. Scramstad received his first iTero Element with the hopes that he would be able to create 3D impression of patient’s teeth.


This piece of equipment works with a wand that captures 6,000 frames a second. The wand scans a patient’s teeth and can create a 3D image of both their upper and lower jaw. These images and data are then saved right to the system’s hard disk.

This machine allows him to create a 3D print of the teeth instead of using the putty in their mouths to create mould. It’s all done digitally!

If the patient is getting Invisalign, the 3D print is sent to Invisalign within 20 minutes. This means patients don’t have to wait as long to receive their Invisalign and the impressions are extremely accurate because of the 3D renderings the device creates.

4. Placement

One of the biggest questions we get asked is “How long do braces take to put on?”

The answer is that the initial appointment will be much longer than any of your following appointments. If you’re getting metal braces, the first appointment will involve conditioning the surface of the teeth to provide a place to cement on the brackets.

Once that takes place, then we will cement the brackets in place and place the first wire.

At Align Ortho, we start with a semicircle of wire that is cut in the perfect length. The wire is then placed into the brackets and the doors are then closed to hold it in place.

If you’re getting Invisalign, your first appointment will be fitting for your Invisalign aligners and explaining how the process of getting new trays will be in the future.

Over the course of treatment, you will be supplied with a series of these aligners. Each aligner will have a slight adjustment to the tooth position. When the aligners are placed on the teeth, they cause the teeth to do a small shimmy and the teeth gradually shift from their current position. This allows you to align your smile without having to have metal braces put on your teeth.

5. Adjustments

The next step in the process of getting braces on are adjustments.

Throughout your braces journey, you will come into Align Ortho to have your braces adjusted. During an adjustment appointment, Dr. Scramstad will remove the wire, bend it again and reinsert, or insert a new wire.


This new wire will be slightly stronger or will have a different placement than the older wire to help continue moving the teeth.

With each appointment, a new wire will be placed to pull or push the teeth in a certain way.

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And that’s that. Seemingly painless and easy on time. While your journey to straight teeth may take a year or more, your appointments will remain short.

If you have any more questions about getting braces put on, or you want to book a consultation, contact us today.

We would be happy to set up an appointment with you and Dr. scramstad to discuss aligning your smile.



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